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Tomorrow's Victim formed amidst the NY and Long Island Death Metal scene in 2001 as the collaboration of former members of Cerebral Hemorrhage, Wrath of Humanity and All But Lost, and sought to develop a style of death metal that incorporated elements from a variety of death metal sub-genres while still maintaining a primarily heavy and extremely dark sound. Through the years Tomorrow’s Victim extensively played the local NY and tri state area death metal and hardcore scenes, sharing the stage with a huge assortment of local and national bands, released various demos and recordings and solidified their long standing presence in the scene. After long anticipation, in November 2013 Tomorrow’s Victim had completed and released the “Suffering Behold Us” EP which the band had sought to make the recording that would surpass anything they had done prior. While continuing to play out in support of “Suffering Behold Us” the band now currently turns their efforts towards starting the process over again; producing a new set of songs to then soon complete a new recording that can again surpass their former efforts and so to continue to offer well-honed songs of quality death metal that is above all, dark, heavy and brutal.

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